about us

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive."
-Maya Angelou

In late 2017, founders Dr. Pamela Gurley and Dr. Zoe Zorka came up with the idea for #herspiration when they realized that  women are doing so many amazing things that have great stories that need to be told. 


From starting businesses, charities, and nonprofits to breaking new ground as a recording artist, to creating an innovative app, to leading a new generation in politics to even leading sled dog teams through the arctic or volunteering as a singing telegram for those in need, women around the country that are doing the unexpected- and making the world a better place for women by doing so! #herspiration features women from all walks of life who have achieved success in business, politics, charity, entertainment, or some other social endeavor generally through non-traditional means, typically by capitalizing on emerging trends, social media, crowdfunding, or another non-traditional approach to success.

However, #herspiration is more than a podcast- it is a movement, hence the hashtag. It is about featuring the most inspiring woman in the world and engaging other women to live up to their potential.